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Yips is an involuntary wrong movement, or no movement at all, when playing any sport or creative pursuit. It completely 'stuffs up' the whole process!

Those with the yips (sometimes called Dartitis) get increasingly frustrated with themselves. This emotion soon becomes a repeating conditioned response. Luckily it can be broken with hypnosis and relaxation. I have helped many get back their natural rhythm.

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If you've done the yo yo dieting for years then you will be feeling losing weight is a continual battle.

This is not the case at all with hypnotherapy. While a healthy eating and exercise plan is important emotional hangups need to be addressed to. Once these are worked out easily Yo yo dieting and mind battles become a thing of the past. 

Read about my Bolt-To-Success 3 month program and my On-track hypnosis for weight loss audios.

Marilyn Tuck

Marilyn Tuck

As a competent hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner my skills include listening, understanding, motivation and life coaching to help people just like you to feel better.

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