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Things affecting teenagers like acne, habits, bullying, OCD, hormonal changes, emotional flare ups, and anxiety about school, peer or family issues are able to be helped with both hypnosis and EFT.

A consultation with an objective person is often a relief to the whole family. Check this website out further.

Teeth grinding - Bruxism

Teeth grinding (Bruxism), and jaw clenching, are often the result of stored up stress. The jaw muscles get tense and contract so the teeth come together and can grind and wear away.

Dentists may prescribe a night mouth guard but it is wise to release any tension first. Visit an EFT practitioner or hypnotherapist, to fix your bruxism, save money and avoid wearing a mouth guard every night.

Listen to 'Unwinding, teeth grinding' here in the sleep hypnotherapy recordings area.

Clinical hypnotherapy is a lovely relaxing way to deal with the prognosis of dying or death. We all have to die someday but doing it in a calm, relaxed and dignified, way makes the experience more comfortable and fulfilling.

As well as helping with pain, and relaxation, hypnotherapy can clarify all those things you want to say and to do, in the time available. It is very beneficial and a recording or consultation makes a lovely present should the family wonder what to give at a time like this.

I suggest the soothing relaxing hypnotic audios (MP3 or CD) in the sleep series and in the healing and pain relief series. Ones such as 'Soaking and soothing', 'Magic light 'and 'Ease, please' are wonderful for listening to. They give a sense of peace and centeredness. 'Treasure box' is a nice one for finding courage and confidence and 'Yes, I can' allows a person to see calmly into the future. All have their place in the dying process.Here is the recordings page, listen to the samples and choose.

If you wonder what happens after death then there is some interesting info on my past life regression page and surf the net on topics such as life after death and life between lives.

See dystonia

Time line therapy uses some interesting and rapid techniques to allow you to gain positive control over your life. It works with the way our unique concept of time - the past the presentand the future. Each person has their own perception of this and how we store our experiences. The encoding that takes place in our unconscious mind can be tapped into. Memories can actually be altered in a positive way to help make positive changes in the present. This is a technique Iam trained in.


Tinnitus is a condition where there are constant noises, or ringing, in one, or both ears. They may be in different tones, intensities or frequencies.

While tinnitus is particularly common in those who have been subjected to loud noise over a period of time, it can also be caused by stress, age, drugs and disease. more here


A good sleep is imperative to be able to function throughout the day.

See more information under sleep and insomnia, also read more on the sleep page and check out the MP3 and CD sleep recordings here.

Trauma can be classified under two headings: acute stress and post traumatic stress disorder (PSTD).

Acute stress manifests itself as depression and /or anxiety with other symptoms including numbness, insomnia, lack of concentration, anger, restlessness, sweating or dazed feelings.
I look at the whole picture and, when I have built your strength up I attend to the root of the trauma using lovely safe techniques such as EFT or EMDR which help the brain to process and reintegrate the memory. - see also PSTD and EMDR

Hypnosis is very effective for trichotillomania. See more under hair pulling, the habits page, and habit testimonials

Marilyn Tuck

Marilyn Tuck

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  • Have just got back from the Orthodonist and the brace is fitted. I listened to your tape, and it was brilliant, thank you.
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