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Like fear of flying seasickness becomes a very real fear. For those whose livelihood is on the sea it is an even worse worry. There are numerous drugs on the market, ginger is said to help, and there are wrist pressure point bands. However, in order to deal with seasickness properly, so you do not have to worry about it ever recurring, come for hypnotherapy and/or EFT to make the difference.

Part of all hypnotherapy sessions includes ways to improve your self esteem. These filter into your unconscious and start to form nice new thoughts for you. Read more on the confidence page.

See notes in this A-Z area on erectile dysfunction, anorgasma, vaginismus, frigidity

Come for some confidence building. will help motivate you to your ideal level. Read more on the confidence page.

Skin disorders

See related notes in this A-Z area on A=acne, E=eczema, P=psoriasis, W=warts

Note also that skin disorders are often triggered by stress and worry so relaxing with a nice audio can help. However, a personal hypnosis consultation may make a difference.

Sleep and dreams

Dreams and brain activity are interlinked. It is thought that your brain processes the days information during your sleep and the stimulation develops and preserves the brains neural pathways.

Hypnotherapy can not only help with sleeping but all related sleep issues such as nightmares, sleep walking and lucid dreaming, teeth grinding and snoring.

See more on the sleep page

Smoking - stopping smoking

Research comparing many different studies of hypnotherapy has shown that on average smokers are over five times more likely to break the smoking habit with hypnosis than by willpower alone. Hypnotherapy is also proven to be more than twice as effective compared with nicotine gum. If you want to stop smoking, then two sessions of hypnotherapy could be all you need.

Read more about stopping smoking here

People who snore are often overweight, smokers, or drinkers. Mostly they don't know that they snore but their partners certainly do. There are ways of stopping snoring and hypnotherapy has a tool box of techniques to call upon.

Listen to my stop snoring recording and if you require help with weight control, stopping smoking and cutting back on alcohol you may find that a nice by product of your treatment is that you stop snoring.

Solution focused therapy is a method of questioning and clarifying what it is the patient wants to achieve. The whole idea being to find out 'How would you like to be?' building a picture of exactly how he/she wishes to be without their ailment. Then we look at this picture and say, 'How can you change a few things you are doing now to start moving towards this goal?' With the right questioning the client can look inside and find the solutions.

This solution focused therapy dwells on the positive. With hypnotherapy I assist the client to plot the steps along the way, recognise them as they occur, and achieve the ultimate goal. Confidence and motivation play a big part, as do self organisation and assertiveness.

Sports performance

Whether it be cycling, archery, football, cricket, show jumping, shooting, or any sport hypnosis can improve your game, refine techniques, give you the edge, spark up your mental attitude and physical preparation. It can all be covered off with some good positive consultations. If you get the yips or dartitis we can fix that also.

Read more here on performance, and golf.

It is estimated that one person in every hundred stammers. It is not known what causes it and there is usually nothing wrong with the vocal chords, breathing or tongue. It usually starts in childhood.

Hypnosis techniques teach relaxation and how to relax yourself so you can control the stress it causes. I help you to improve self confidence, taking the pressure off. Even the way you hold your head and eyes can make a difference.


I suggest you go to my separate page on stress to see how hypnotherapy can help with stress due to school, work and home pressures. You feel so good afterwards and you are taught coping mechanisms to make sure you can deal with any further stressful instances if they ever occur.

Read lots more on hypnotherapy and EFT for stress here on the stress page

My mum suffered a stroke and I wish I had these techniques then for it would have made a world of difference to her. Coping strategies, relaxation, confidence, motivation, healing, pain relief and others all come into play in assisting sufferers to improve their condition. Call me and if you are house bound let me come to you to help.

Study habits

Read all on hypnosis for learning, studying, dissertations, assignments, and exams on this hypnosis for study page here

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