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Pain is a warning system that protects us from damage, further damage, or warns us that something is wrong with our body. There is acute pain, which is severe but lasts a relatively short period, or chronic pain, which can range from mild to severe, lasting for a long time. As with all hypnotherapeutic methods no drugs are used but methods can be very effective. EFT is a great pain reliever reducing the negative energy in the body. Naturally a doctor's approval to treat is required first.

See here how EFT and hypnotherapy can help.  Ease, please is a lovely audio in my healing series to help with pain relief.

Symptoms include shortness of breath, choking sensations, palpitations, nausea, sweating, chest pain, accelerated heart rate, flushes or chills, trembling or shaking and a fear that something is happening which you cannot control. Attacks can be caused by medical or recreational drugs, alcohol, intense stress, bereavement, relationship or work issues.

After a thorough case history a specialised treatment plan is developed which will immediately include teaching you breathing and relaxing techniques to take away with you to relieve any subsequent attacks. With the treatment these will soon dissipate. EFT helps these nicely.

We are a bit like a jigsaw puzzle, with differing parts/pieces to make up the finished picture. Sometimes a part can become dislodged and needs putting back. It could be a fun part, or a child part, it maybe a stuck part or a part that sabotages your efforts to succeed. They are too numerous to mention. So, if you hear yourself thinking'a part of me just wants to...' it is most likely parts therapy will really help you get control and pop that part back where it belongs. When your picture is whole every part is working in harmony to achieve what you want, and you feel complete.

Past life regression

Past life regression (PLR) can be useful to enhance the present life in two ways. Firstly, PLR is particularly useful to find the core reasons for deep rooted fears, phobias, depression and lack of self worth. Secondly, PLR is for people who have had deja vu experiences and wish to gain an understanding of these. Thirdly hypnosis and past life regression helps people explore what happens after death.

More detailed information is on the past life regression page.

Typically seen in activities such as acting, public speaking, sporting performance, golf competitions , driving tests, examination time and sexual performance, this anxiety can be taken in hand and dealt with using clinical hypnotherapy techniques. Relaxing the body and desensitising the fear soon brings about control and with control comes confidence and enjoyment.

Dont put up with it, deal with it now, and there's more on the confidence page, too.

This is when you have a fear that becomes abnormal, out of proportion and cannot be explained away. You cannot control the anxiety involved and you end up avoiding the situation so you don't have to deal with it. Phobias such as agoraphobia, claustrophobia, social phobia, animal phobias, fear of heights, flying and thunder all fall under this heading.

Never fear hypnotherapy and EFT can help phobias immensely. Come and deal with it so you can get on with your life.


Had you thought of hypnotherapy to help with PMT, to get you through these monthly emotional times? Why not? No drugs, no side effects, perfectly natural ways to be better. Read more in the women's health page

I am continually amazed at the lovely results clients have just from me feeding them their minds the right positive suggestions to improve their lives. Come and make use of all this untapped mind power you have. Be enlightened, be motivated and get focused. Achieve more than you thought you could.


Many studies have shown hypnosis to be effective in the management of pain during childbirth as well as improving the birth experience in general. Relaxation and pain control techniques are taught during pregnancy. Hypnotherapy is helpful for nausea in the first few months and general well being throughout the 9 month duration.

More here on the pregnancy and birth page.

Hypnotherapy offers the mind methods of prolonging ejaculation so couples can enjoy foreplay and satisfying sexual experiences. All hypnotherapy sessions working with positive thoughts to the unconscious mind, safely, completely ethically and confidentially.

The cause is not known but it is known that genetic factors do play a part as can environmental conditions, illness and stress. In normal skin the time from when the cell develops to when it is shed is about 28 days. Psoriatic cells complete the process in 3 to 4 days. This results in an enormous build up of these cells resulting in the symptoms of psoriasis. Studies have shown that about a third of patients have a spontaneous remission of their condition.

Post traumatic stress disorder. This tends to be the result of experiencing a natural, or manmade, disaster, or prolonged periods of psychological stress, or learning of the sudden death of a friend or relative.

Using hypnosis and EFT for PTSD we build up your strength first, then very, very safely help your mind to unravel the knot inside. You can then move on in your happier life with confidence. Read more under EMDR, and EFT - see also Trauma

Developed from TFT, thought field therapy (Roger Callaghan) and Applied kinesiology, (John Diamond) PEP is the work of Dr Phil Mollon. He has written books on energy therapy, lectures, teaches and practices psychoanalytic energy psychotherapy. I have trained with him and am using these methods to assist change. It is enlightening work for both myself and the client.

Public speaking

See more on hypnosis for performance anxiety on the confidence page

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