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Hypnotherapy makes a huge difference for marathon runners. See me 2-4 weeks prior so we can work visualisation and being 'in the zone' into your routine. This process helps you get through the tough mental and physical times.

Hypnosis can help with any aches and pains you need mending in order to run. I have worked most sucessfully with marathon runners.

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Are you having a tough time with menopause? Hypnotherapy may help get you through this period of your life in a perfectly natural way. 

Hypnotherapy can naturally help womens issues, such as menopause symptoms. Read more on the women's health page and take a look at this US study report

Metaphors are little stories told in some hypnotherapeutic situations. Milton Erikson was the instigator of therapeutic metaphors and used them most successfully with his patients. I use them where appropriate, such as with children where we may draw parallels with a computer game the child likes. It helps to get the point across.

Migranes and headaches

Finding out the cause of your headache or migrane is important. Hypnosis techniques relax tense head muscles while EFT sorts out headache or migraine pain within minutes.  

People prefer hypnotherapy and EFT because they are not drug dependent and they learn techniques to thwart any future migraines should they occur.

The mind is a powerful tool. The extent of it's capabilities are unknown. We usually only use a small portion of it but using clinical hypnotherapy we can encourage you to use more and to achieve a really positive outcome. At some point I will teach you how to do self hypnosis yourself so the technique becomes a life tool for you.

Morning sickness

Morning sickness is not a pleasant experience, especially if it continues on past the first trimester. Hypnotherapy techniques can help to alleviate this.

I am a trained pregancy and childbirth hypnotherapist and can help with morning sickness. Give me a call.
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Part of every hypnotherapy session includes increasing motivation. It is a useful tool to bringing about beneficial change. More on the confidence or performance pages

Marilyn Tuck

Marilyn Tuck

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