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Irritable bowel syndrome is estimated to affect 15% of the population. Symptoms are abdominal stress or pain, toilet urgency, bloating, back pain, nausea, belching or vomiting. The cause is often stress related.

Hypnosis or EFT treatment for IBS covers stress, anxiety, pain, and healing, confidence and control. More on the IBS page

As with mobile people, hypnotherapy can help with many issues facing those with reduced immobility including sleep, pain and anxiety issues. Also specialised sports help. Read more on these pages.

While my therapy room is wheelchair friendly I am happy to come to you for your consultations.

This is an increasingly successful area where hypnotherapy works as a preventative and retardant to cycles of ill health.All relaxation allows the immune system to work more efficiently.

In the zone

Why not try hypnotherapy for specialised instances where focus is paramount to success. I will teach you how to do it yourself so you can choose your own time and place, whether it be on the golf course, just before a match, in a lecture, or prior to events such as your driving lesson.

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Soothing feelings through the digestive system with the wonderful relaxing methods used can aid indigestion.

As with all conditions, if it has been noticeable for some time a doctors opinion should be sought prior to treatment.

More on the IBS page


Are you having trouble conceiving? If your doctor has diagnosed unexplained infertility then why not use hypnotherapy.

Many people have had success just by retuning their unconscious minds and relaxing. Hypnotherapy works for those going through the IVF process, too.

Read further on unexplained infertility


We require sleep for our cells to regenerate, to process the days activities and to regroup for tomorrow. Insomnia produces fogginess and memory lapses.

Hypnosis and EFT can help clear the mind clutter and allow sleeping patterns to change.

Read more on the sleep page

Marilyn Tuck

Marilyn Tuck

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