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Eating disorders covers the whole range of eating habits. Some people have strict regimes of specific foods and times that they eat, others wont drink except at one time during the day during which they may have numerous cups of tea, and/or coffee lined up to be drunk. Others need a specific situation to eat and get put off when others interrupt. Some people with eating disorders cannot stop, do not know when they are full and overdo it. Others cannot eat much at all.

Many have problems with the way they see themselves despite the fact that to others they look quite different. Families and loved ones become concerned and may try to help which often makes it worse.

An objective helper is best. I have learned so much from those with this problem. If they are willing to get better I am willing to help. EFT, hypnotherapy and all the techniques I have to hand can make a huge difference.

See also Binge eating and Bulimia and the page on the weight control page.

The skin and the nervous system share a common ancestry and so it is likely that your eczema is worsened by stress or anxieties. We look at many angles of your life and assist in reducing the stress, taking the heat out of your body and helping with dietary factors if required.

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

I am a qualified EFT practitioner and EFT is a technique I use often in therapy sessions. EFT and hypnotherapy work well either separately or dovetailed in together during a therapy session. The results are very gratifying.

Find out lots more about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) here.

Coming too quick can alter the intimacy of a relationship. We can give your unconscious mind methods of slowing down the process, allowing time to experience much more satisfying sexual foreplay and control of orgasm.

When you are asleep during the REM (rapid eye movement) phase, the brain processes all the information from the day. Sometimes, however, when you have experienced a negative emotional experience, or trauma, the natural biochemical and psychological balance of the brain is affected and so is memory storage. The material in the form of thought processes and experiences can become dissociated in order to allow you to cope at the time. As a normal occurrence afterwards this material is gradually re-associated, through talking or thinking about the event, and thus re-processed allowing life to return to normal.

In some cases, however, this material doesn’t get re-associated and manifests to neurotic or emotional symptoms such as lack of sleep, inability to cope, stress, crying, weight problems, depression, guilt, phobias, health problems or plain unhappiness.

EMDR, however, is a quick way of helping the brain to process the dissociated thoughts and bring your life back into balance. The technique is used all over the world very successfully, including for troops returning home with war traumas. It does not rely on hours of talking it through, nor does not involve being in a deep hypnotic trance.

The process relies on using eye movements, just as you would during sleep. Commencing with your Doctor’s approval to treat, I take a full case history and prepare you with some pleasant hypnotherapeutic ground work. When ready you are instructed to sit back, relax, and just let your brain process the information while your eyes follow hand movements. It sounds easy and strange, but believe me the results are deeply satisfying. Timing for each person is different as each has a different story to deal with.

So it you have disturbing thoughts you need to deal with, an upsetting event in the past you may have put aside, and health problems which may be related to these, then don’t worry, come and have an EMDR or EFT therapy session with me and walk away feeling heaps better.

Stock standard hypnotherapy procedures include confidence, empowerment and motivation. Should you require more for specialised uses, such as sport or learning, then ask for an 'in the zone' treatment.

This can occur in children as an inability to control the passing of faeces and occurs after they have actually been successfully toilet trained. It may be a result of constipation and a Doctors diagnosis should be taken prior to coming for hypnotherapy, just in case there is an organic problem.

More on the children's page here.

There may be something from the past, or a frustration, which makes sustaining an erection difficult. Turning your mindset around, encouraging hardness, and other techniques can make a huge difference to your sexual, and self, happiness.


Improving your exercise levels brings good feeling substances to the brain resulting in a much clearer head, better focus and good moods for living your daily life. I encourage light exercise with many of my hypnotherapy processes.

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Marilyn Tuck

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