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Here are some symptoms which hypnotherapy can help.
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Debt reduction

Read more on the Money Worries page. This covers ways to help people through the trauma of not making ends meet, finding money to pay the bills and general well being.

I have helped people get better jobs with EFT and improve their circumstances. Perhaps this may interest you if you have debt problems.

Hypnotherapy can assist and teach those with early dementia to feel calmer and by so doing prevent anxiety build up which exacerbates the condition. Read more from research here

Dental procedures, Dentist

Anxiety, gagging, needle phobias, all helped with hypnotherapy and EFT. So simply.

Listen to my soothing hypnosis audios while in the dentist's chair. They will relax you and help time to go quicker.

I suggest The wave of relaxationSoaking and Soothing or Magic Light. 

Low moods, feeling sad or down are signs of mild depression and can be caused by a variety of things. Many people suffer depression so you are not alone, and rest assured it can be helped. A doctors approval to treat will be arranged and subsequent hypnotherapy will provide gentle, yet sustaining results. Being a holistic therapy all aspects of your life are checked and helped. Sometimes changes are noticed immediately, other times gradually. As your spirit lifts so the changes become quicker. This is an area where you see major results from treatment and in time frames quite likely to be far less than seeing other therapists.


For diabetes blood sugar levels have been reduced with hypnosis and sleep has improved.

Hypnotherapy and EFT are a safe way to reduce weight and worries, remove emotional issues, and make quite a difference to your life.
Healing recordings here and contact me here

If you have a disability or impairment you may have the most to gain using hypnotherapy. Like others before you you will find the benefits quite wonderful, and life changing. I can come to you if you are unable to manage stairs.

Hypnotherapy is a way to help to focus and enjoy writing a dissertation. Some of my clients have proved this with distinctions and openings into job opportunities they couldn't have otherwise imagined.

See study, exams, and dissertations page.

Dreams and sleep

Dreams provide a variety of experiences from insight to fear. It is possible to go to bed with a problem in mind and awaken with the solution.

Hypnotherapy helps with recurring dreams, nightmares, sleep walking and lucid dreaming.
See also the sleep page here

Clinical hypnotherapy is a lovely relaxing way to deal with the prognosis of dying or death. We all have to die someday but doing it in a calm, relaxed and dignified, way makes the experience more comfortable and fulfilling.

As well as helping with pain, and relaxation, hypnotherapy can clarify all those things you want to say and to do, in the time available. It is very beneficial and a recording or consultation makes a lovely present should the family wonder what to give at a time like this.

I suggest the soothing relaxing hypnotic audios (MP3 or CD) in the sleep series and in the healing and pain relief series. Ones such as 'Soaking and soothing', 'Magic light 'and 'Ease, please' are wonderful for listening to. They give a sense of peace and centeredness. 'Treasure box' is a nice one for finding courage and confidence and 'Yes, I can' allows a person to see calmly into the future. All have their place in the dying process.Here is the recordings page, listen to the samples and choose.

If you wonder what happens after death then there is some interesting info on my past life regression page and surf the net on topics such as life after death and life between lives.

People or children with dyslexia have trouble reading, spelling and writing.

I am a trained practitioner of the Bridges to Success method which is outstanding at helping young and old resolve learning difficulties in a relatively short period of time. You can learn more here and come to me for some wonderful help. 

While this is not Hypnotherapy the techniques used are from NLP which I have always used in my sessions. There is such an increase in self confidence with the improvement in reading, spelling, listening and concentration skills that come from this method.

I thoroughly recommend 2 sessions 3 weeks apart to make all the difference. 07962 811907

This condition is characterised by involuntary muscle spasms such as tics and twitches. We work to reduce the severity of these with relaxation techniques.

Marilyn Tuck

Marilyn Tuck

As a competent hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner my skills include listening, understanding, motivation and life coaching to help people just like you to feel better.

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