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I have lovely ways to teach you how to instantly calm yourself in the event of an anxious situation. It is all part of the process. Check out the hypnotherapy page.

A natural partnership, therapist and cancer patient, ensures that discussion, hypnosis and EFT will help to sustain the right frame of mind, handle the side effects and discomfort, improve immunity and cell count and help you make clear decisions for your own treatment. It doesn't matter whether you are newly diagnosed with cancer, on chemotherapy, having cancer surgery, managing at home, in remission, or dealing with cancer naturally.

We work with your inner resources to empower you to handle it and feel better. You learn techniques to take away and use as often as you like. The therapist is always available in person, at the end of an email or phone call. Support is vital.

With cancer, stroke or any life threatening illness, what you think aboutcounts. This is important and often overlooked. EFT is primarily used to erase negative thoughts, beliefs and past memories. This is an important part of treatment. New positive thoughts are then found and focused on. These are embedded with hypnotherapy.

Specific work to boost your immunity is important. I have trained in psychoneuroimmunology which is a term given to mind body healing using the immune system. Learning how to allow your body to fight disease naturally is a pretty useful life tool supplied during our consultations.

I am also trained in 'The Healing Journey', a positive, coping programme for those with, or concerned about, cancer and their carers and/or family. This has been developed over 25 years by Professor Aliastair Cunningham at the university of Ontario in Toronto, Canada, where he runs weekly classes. His research shows that for people with a very poor prognosis there can be very positive results, in some cases even remission, as the work done can enhance the lives of many people with cancer. Groups of up to 50 people are being treated at any one time there as it becomes more and more popular. The Paul d'Auria Cancer centre, in London, is successfully providing this programme.

Check out the details and encouraging research in Canada
Helpful relaxing, healing and pain relief audios are here.

Individual consultations cover all aspects of cancer care including keeping positive before, during and after surgery plus support when at home with personal consultations in my clinic. If too ill to come, then I will visit, or keep contact with EFT phone consultations and audios to listen to. Areas addressed include: chemotherapy, radiation, nausea, and all the associated worries and stress both around the prognosis and within the family.

Further details on how to progress this treatment are here.

Child birth

see my page on pregnancy and birth. and also B for Birth in this A-Z section


Children from the age of 7 can have hypnosis. Hypnotherapy and EFT are beneficial for anxiety and behavioural problems; bed wetting, thumb sucking, school difficulties, shyness, hair pulling, bed wetting, soiling, bullying, behaviour, and sport.

See my separate webpage specifically dealing with children and hypnotherapy

As with most other phobias hypnotherapy has proven that it can make a considerable difference, and most often completely alleviate claustrophobia.

This name is given to the courses supplied by the London College of Clinical Hypnosis to emphasise the nature of hypnotherapy used in a clinical sense. Their courses are taught to doctors, surgeons, other clinicians and all students to assist in the betterment of their patients in an ethical, professional and totally clinical way.

The London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH ) runs a specific course in cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy for practicing hypnotherapists. This eight month comprehensive and integrative course, using the Ellis, REBT model, teaches pure cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and then introduces ways hypnotherapy can greatly assist and quicken the change process. This technique, combining CBTand hypnotherapy, is extremely new and exciting, and is said to be 70% more effective than CBT on it's own. I completed this practitioners diploma in 2008, hence the initials PDCBHyp.

Hypnotherapists with this string to their bow have the skills to assist their patients identify and deal with any unhealthy core beliefs (getting to the root cause of their problem), and then make fundamental shifts to improve themselves long term. I wind CBT into all my work.

This is an important part of family life and relationship building. If you have trouble communicating it is worth your while to use the power of your mind to find the techniques to help you. With hypnotherapy it can be most successful.


Concentration can ensure you success in learning situations, studying and exams, and in sports

Concentration in it's intense form is 'in the zone', where one is intensely focused, almost in a trance. It is worth learning for very specific tasks such as sport or study.
Read more on study and the performance


Part of every hypnotherapy session includes pleasant confidence building . It is a useful tool to bringing about really beneficial change.

See my full web page on confidence, and the hypnosis recordings you can purchase to assist confidence building on my hypnotherapy downloads area.

When you are in trance your body is so relaxed it lets all the internal organs function the way they want. To alleviate constipation naturally methods are used for facilitating digestion and moving waste through the system.

Naturally if the constipation has been there for longer than a week you should see a doctor.

Why not enjoy being in control of your mind and your body. You will gain so much from this. Control your own weight, habits and needs. Give yourself what you want, use your mindset to achieve it. With professional hypnosis you are taught such beneficial techniques for life.

To ensure therapy is really personalised and successful, counselling techniques are used to look at the whole person in a very holistic way. Many hypnotherapists have counselling qualifications, and many like myself, are trained facilitators with a lifetime in listening and helping others.

The difference between a hypnotherapy/EFT session and a counselling session is that not only does a therapist listen and mentally guide a patient to a good outcome, but they give techniques a person can use to assist themselves in the future. Usually change will commence immediately and be complete in a few months.

Crying can be beneficial, it's an emotional release and often you feel better after you have cried. If there is an issue that makes you cry a lot then come and sort it out with me.

Marilyn Tuck

Marilyn Tuck

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