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Because our skin is associated with our central nervous system, skin conditions such as acne, rashes, psoriasis are more prevalent when we are anxious. For some people the more stressed, worried and self conscious they are the more their skin reacts. 

Treating stress helps dermatological conditions. Hypnotherapy and EFT help to calm and desensitise worrying situations.


Children who have attention deficit disorder are dreamy, forgetful, dont listen and do not follow instructions well. They lose things and forget to finish tasks.

Treatment with hypnotherapy is designed to help using relaxation, self confidence and learning skills for improvement. Lifestyle changes happen and families can be much happier as a result.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder shows up particularly in children who cannot concentrate, are always on the go and wanting to be the centre of attention. They can be irritable, argumentative and disruptive, too.

These children often find hypnotherapy extremely relaxing. They are taught listening and concentrating skills along with self confidence. Parents may also gain benefit, either directly or indirectly. It is worthwhile trying.

A dictionary definition is: ‘An anxiety which primarily consists of the fear of experiencing a difficult or embarrassing situation from which the sufferer cannot escape’ Like many phobia it can be desensitised with hypnotherapy. The difference will mean there is freedom to come and go as one pleases. Well worth doing!

In many cases a course of Hypnotherapy and EFT can assist diminish excessive daily alcohol use. I am surprised how many people come to see me drinking from half a bottle a day, to a full one. This is too much. Anyone doing this is well be on their way to being an alcoholic! It is time to take control.

A number of consultations covers cognitive behaviour therapy, energy therapy and hypnotherapy. For full blown addictions you need to have recognised group therapy, followed by hypnotherapy. Read some more here

There is no need to be angry. It is an emotion which can be controlled saving your internal organs unnecessary strain. Teeth grinding, IBS and relationship breakdowns can be a common result of anger issues. So the sooner you ask for help the sooner you will feel better. Be sure to find a good therapist you can talk honestly with to find the real root of the problem.

With hypnosis, and particularly EFT, the body is brought back into balance and because you are calmer life takes a nice turn for the better. test2

A persistent, or recurrent delay, or absence of orgasm following the normal sexual excitement phase. Reducing anxieties, taking the pressure off, and then finding ways of increasing sensitivity and enabling enjoyment are our approaches.


Stress, panic attacks, phobia all fall into this category. Anxiety, and fear, are natural reactive states. The absolute opposite is relaxation, something hypnotherapy is very good at producing.

Specific fears are reduced with relaxation techniques. Calm techniques are learned and used to replace any future fears. Do read more on my anxiety page.

Help with the control of the pain is most useful. I have used EFT to reduce arthritic pain in joints and bones. It is worthwhile learning how to do this yourself as an adjunct to medication. The audios in the pain relief and healing series are designed to assist with relaxing and self healing and well worth using on a regular basis to complement therapy.

Breathing, coping and healing techniques learned as part of a hypnotherapy programme really help. EFT can also assist with increasing lung capacity, it is most useful to use daily.

For children, and adults alike, hypnotherapy and/or EFT are very good methods for controlling the bladder, Enuresis. People try varied approaches to help with bed wetting, many never think of hypnotherapy and yet it does have great results, and is such an easy method. Bring children from 7 up for a consultation, they do enjoy it.

See more on the children page here.


Empathetic help through initial tough times with relaxation and coping strategies is so comforting.

EFT is wonderful for dealing with old bereavement issues. The worrying memories are negated. There is release of the nicest kind, with lovely memories now remembered and the opportunity to move on more confidently.

Binge eating

Binging is an eating disorder.  The programme used supports the binger to understand the triggers that cause binging, gently deal with related memories, and change routines so that new habits can be formed. It is life changing as the new found confidence shows itself.

I am delighted to have helped people, who have binged all their lives, to learn EFT and engage in hypnotherapy, to change unwanted behaviours and become more happy in themselves.

See more on the weight page here.

Birthing - labour

Using hypnotic relaxation techniques, in the form of audio recordings and/or self hypnosis, minimum (if any), drugs are needed during labour. The mum to be can be in control of her own body throughout this life fulfilling experience.

I am a certificated therapist for pregnancy and childbirth. I suggest you use my relaxing hypnotherapeutic downloadble audios during pregnancy, and then come and see me by the 32nd week, or earlier.

See more on the pregnancy and birth page

Erythrophobia is the fear of blushing which further deepens the blush. Hypnotherapy and EFT can help you deal with situations when they occur, quieten down the circulation, reduce the redness and give you new confidence.

Pleasant deep breathing exercises are a part of the hypnotic process. Taking in good clean air and expelling all the stale air aids the hypnotherapy process and improves your health. This particularly benefits sportsmen and women, obese people, asthmatics and smokers. Naturally smokers should quit if they have breathing issues.

Teeth grinding, bruxism as it is called, wears away the teeth and can cause jaw fractures, jaw pain and misalignment. It needs attention and it can be stopped.

Feedback from clients in London suggests that grinding and clenching of the teeth is common amongst city workers with tight deadlines and work stress. Mouth guards to wear at night are commonly prescribed by Dentists, though few people seem to persevere with them due to the inconvenience.

Because this is such a prevalent condition I usually include wording in the first hypnotherapy session to relax the jaw and drop the habit. Deep anger or trauma can be a cause so it is worth while having a consultation. My hypnotherapy recording, Unwinding, ungrinding, is designed to help with this problem. Listen nightly for a couple of weeks, let it relax you to sleep, and if no change after a month come for a consultation. See article June 2010 on my blog

Bulimia involves binging on food and then feeling guilty, and purposefully vomiting, starving, using laxatives, or exercising to get rid of it. It is all very secretive because of the guilt involved. Often bulimics have suffered anorexia in their earlier life, they have an uncomfortable view of their body, and are embarrassed by it especially when with others or friends. Their thoughts are continually focusing on food and fluctuate from loathing it, to working out ways to get more of it.

There are many people with bulimia and those I have worked with are delighted with their progress and the support given. The aim is to stop the binging, take the worry away, relax and de-stress, then gently work into stuff from the past holding back progress. While it has often been a long term condition, it must be realised that it will take time to mend, but is better done now than left longer.

If you feel out of control at times, guilty too, and need help come and deal with it now. More on the weight control page.


Bullying in children and teenagers covers insults, either verbal, written or through phone calls. It can be in the form of exclusion, stealing, threats or humiliation, and it can be physical, such as hitting spitting, and touching, either abusively or sexually. It is not to be tolerated.

Bullying in adults comes in language patterns, overbearing attitudes, mood swings, mental, physical and sexual abuse.

Often someone bullied is too scared to tell anyone but lives in fear of times when with the perpetrator. Even fluctuating parental moods and anger can cause lasting emotional issues. As parents we all have a duty to our children to protect them and keep them safe.

As adults we have a duty to recognise bullying behaviour in our peers, upline, parents and relationships, and bring it to the persons awareness.

During a consultation with me openness and honesty is encouraged. Hypnosis allows the muscles to relax, EFT releases the emotions involved. The person finds new coping skills, feels calmer and learns how to be strong and confident again. Bullying behaviour should be reported to the authorities as soon as possible to save others suffering, too.

See more on the children page here.

I have lovely ways to teach you how to instantly calm yourself in the event of an anxious situation. It is all part of the process. Check out the hypnotherapy page.

A natural partnership, therapist and cancer patient, ensures that discussion, hypnosis and EFT will help to sustain the right frame of mind, handle the side effects and discomfort, improve immunity and cell count and help you make clear decisions for your own treatment. It doesn't matter whether you are newly diagnosed with cancer, on chemotherapy, having cancer surgery, managing at home, in remission, or dealing with cancer naturally.

We work with your inner resources to empower you to handle it and feel better. You learn techniques to take away and use as often as you like. The therapist is always available in person, at the end of an email or phone call. Support is vital.

With cancer, stroke or any life threatening illness, what you think aboutcounts. This is important and often overlooked. EFT is primarily used to erase negative thoughts, beliefs and past memories. This is an important part of treatment. New positive thoughts are then found and focused on. These are embedded with hypnotherapy.

Specific work to boost your immunity is important. I have trained in psychoneuroimmunology which is a term given to mind body healing using the immune system. Learning how to allow your body to fight disease naturally is a pretty useful life tool supplied during our consultations.

I am also trained in 'The Healing Journey', a positive, coping programme for those with, or concerned about, cancer and their carers and/or family. This has been developed over 25 years by Professor Aliastair Cunningham at the university of Ontario in Toronto, Canada, where he runs weekly classes. His research shows that for people with a very poor prognosis there can be very positive results, in some cases even remission, as the work done can enhance the lives of many people with cancer. Groups of up to 50 people are being treated at any one time there as it becomes more and more popular. The Paul d'Auria Cancer centre, in London, is successfully providing this programme.

Check out the details and encouraging research in Canada
Helpful relaxing, healing and pain relief audios are here.

Individual consultations cover all aspects of cancer care including keeping positive before, during and after surgery plus support when at home with personal consultations in my clinic. If too ill to come, then I will visit, or keep contact with EFT phone consultations and audios to listen to. Areas addressed include: chemotherapy, radiation, nausea, and all the associated worries and stress both around the prognosis and within the family.

Further details on how to progress this treatment are here.

Child birth

see my page on pregnancy and birth. and also B for Birth in this A-Z section


Children from the age of 7 can have hypnosis. Hypnotherapy and EFT are beneficial for anxiety and behavioural problems; bed wetting, thumb sucking, school difficulties, shyness, hair pulling, bed wetting, soiling, bullying, behaviour, and sport.

See my separate webpage specifically dealing with children and hypnotherapy

As with most other phobias hypnotherapy has proven that it can make a considerable difference, and most often completely alleviate claustrophobia.

This name is given to the courses supplied by the London College of Clinical Hypnosis to emphasise the nature of hypnotherapy used in a clinical sense. Their courses are taught to doctors, surgeons, other clinicians and all students to assist in the betterment of their patients in an ethical, professional and totally clinical way.

The London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH ) runs a specific course in cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy for practicing hypnotherapists. This eight month comprehensive and integrative course, using the Ellis, REBT model, teaches pure cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and then introduces ways hypnotherapy can greatly assist and quicken the change process. This technique, combining CBTand hypnotherapy, is extremely new and exciting, and is said to be 70% more effective than CBT on it's own. I completed this practitioners diploma in 2008, hence the initials PDCBHyp.

Hypnotherapists with this string to their bow have the skills to assist their patients identify and deal with any unhealthy core beliefs (getting to the root cause of their problem), and then make fundamental shifts to improve themselves long term. I wind CBT into all my work.

This is an important part of family life and relationship building. If you have trouble communicating it is worth your while to use the power of your mind to find the techniques to help you. With hypnotherapy it can be most successful.


Concentration can ensure you success in learning situations, studying and exams, and in sports

Concentration in it's intense form is 'in the zone', where one is intensely focused, almost in a trance. It is worth learning for very specific tasks such as sport or study.
Read more on study and the performance


Part of every hypnotherapy session includes pleasant confidence building . It is a useful tool to bringing about really beneficial change.

See my full web page on confidence, and the hypnosis recordings you can purchase to assist confidence building on my hypnotherapy downloads area.

When you are in trance your body is so relaxed it lets all the internal organs function the way they want. To alleviate constipation naturally methods are used for facilitating digestion and moving waste through the system.

Naturally if the constipation has been there for longer than a week you should see a doctor.

Why not enjoy being in control of your mind and your body. You will gain so much from this. Control your own weight, habits and needs. Give yourself what you want, use your mindset to achieve it. With professional hypnosis you are taught such beneficial techniques for life.

To ensure therapy is really personalised and successful, counselling techniques are used to look at the whole person in a very holistic way. Many hypnotherapists have counselling qualifications, and many like myself, are trained facilitators with a lifetime in listening and helping others.

The difference between a hypnotherapy/EFT session and a counselling session is that not only does a therapist listen and mentally guide a patient to a good outcome, but they give techniques a person can use to assist themselves in the future. Usually change will commence immediately and be complete in a few months.

Crying can be beneficial, it's an emotional release and often you feel better after you have cried. If there is an issue that makes you cry a lot then come and sort it out with me.

Debt reduction

Read more on the Money Worries page. This covers ways to help people through the trauma of not making ends meet, finding money to pay the bills and general well being.

I have helped people get better jobs with EFT and improve their circumstances. Perhaps this may interest you if you have debt problems.

Hypnotherapy can assist and teach those with early dementia to feel calmer and by so doing prevent anxiety build up which exacerbates the condition. Read more from research here

Dental procedures, Dentist

Anxiety, gagging, needle phobias, all helped with hypnotherapy and EFT. So simply.

Listen to my soothing hypnosis audios while in the dentist's chair. They will relax you and help time to go quicker.

I suggest The wave of relaxationSoaking and Soothing or Magic Light. 

Low moods, feeling sad or down are signs of mild depression and can be caused by a variety of things. Many people suffer depression so you are not alone, and rest assured it can be helped. A doctors approval to treat will be arranged and subsequent hypnotherapy will provide gentle, yet sustaining results. Being a holistic therapy all aspects of your life are checked and helped. Sometimes changes are noticed immediately, other times gradually. As your spirit lifts so the changes become quicker. This is an area where you see major results from treatment and in time frames quite likely to be far less than seeing other therapists.


For diabetes blood sugar levels have been reduced with hypnosis and sleep has improved.

Hypnotherapy and EFT are a safe way to reduce weight and worries, remove emotional issues, and make quite a difference to your life.
Healing recordings here and contact me here

If you have a disability or impairment you may have the most to gain using hypnotherapy. Like others before you you will find the benefits quite wonderful, and life changing. I can come to you if you are unable to manage stairs.

Hypnotherapy is a way to help to focus and enjoy writing a dissertation. Some of my clients have proved this with distinctions and openings into job opportunities they couldn't have otherwise imagined.

See study, exams, and dissertations page.

Dreams and sleep

Dreams provide a variety of experiences from insight to fear. It is possible to go to bed with a problem in mind and awaken with the solution.

Hypnotherapy helps with recurring dreams, nightmares, sleep walking and lucid dreaming.
See also the sleep page here

Clinical hypnotherapy is a lovely relaxing way to deal with the prognosis of dying or death. We all have to die someday but doing it in a calm, relaxed and dignified, way makes the experience more comfortable and fulfilling.

As well as helping with pain, and relaxation, hypnotherapy can clarify all those things you want to say and to do, in the time available. It is very beneficial and a recording or consultation makes a lovely present should the family wonder what to give at a time like this.

I suggest the soothing relaxing hypnotic audios (MP3 or CD) in the sleep series and in the healing and pain relief series. Ones such as 'Soaking and soothing', 'Magic light 'and 'Ease, please' are wonderful for listening to. They give a sense of peace and centeredness. 'Treasure box' is a nice one for finding courage and confidence and 'Yes, I can' allows a person to see calmly into the future. All have their place in the dying process.Here is the recordings page, listen to the samples and choose.

If you wonder what happens after death then there is some interesting info on my past life regression page and surf the net on topics such as life after death and life between lives.

People or children with dyslexia have trouble reading, spelling and writing.

I am a trained practitioner of the Bridges to Success method which is outstanding at helping young and old resolve learning difficulties in a relatively short period of time. You can learn more here and come to me for some wonderful help. 

While this is not Hypnotherapy the techniques used are from NLP which I have always used in my sessions. There is such an increase in self confidence with the improvement in reading, spelling, listening and concentration skills that come from this method.

I thoroughly recommend 2 sessions 3 weeks apart to make all the difference. 07962 811907

This condition is characterised by involuntary muscle spasms such as tics and twitches. We work to reduce the severity of these with relaxation techniques.

Eating disorders covers the whole range of eating habits. Some people have strict regimes of specific foods and times that they eat, others wont drink except at one time during the day during which they may have numerous cups of tea, and/or coffee lined up to be drunk. Others need a specific situation to eat and get put off when others interrupt. Some people with eating disorders cannot stop, do not know when they are full and overdo it. Others cannot eat much at all.

Many have problems with the way they see themselves despite the fact that to others they look quite different. Families and loved ones become concerned and may try to help which often makes it worse.

An objective helper is best. I have learned so much from those with this problem. If they are willing to get better I am willing to help. EFT, hypnotherapy and all the techniques I have to hand can make a huge difference.

See also Binge eating and Bulimia and the page on the weight control page.

The skin and the nervous system share a common ancestry and so it is likely that your eczema is worsened by stress or anxieties. We look at many angles of your life and assist in reducing the stress, taking the heat out of your body and helping with dietary factors if required.

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

I am a qualified EFT practitioner and EFT is a technique I use often in therapy sessions. EFT and hypnotherapy work well either separately or dovetailed in together during a therapy session. The results are very gratifying.

Find out lots more about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) here.

Coming too quick can alter the intimacy of a relationship. We can give your unconscious mind methods of slowing down the process, allowing time to experience much more satisfying sexual foreplay and control of orgasm.

When you are asleep during the REM (rapid eye movement) phase, the brain processes all the information from the day. Sometimes, however, when you have experienced a negative emotional experience, or trauma, the natural biochemical and psychological balance of the brain is affected and so is memory storage. The material in the form of thought processes and experiences can become dissociated in order to allow you to cope at the time. As a normal occurrence afterwards this material is gradually re-associated, through talking or thinking about the event, and thus re-processed allowing life to return to normal.

In some cases, however, this material doesn’t get re-associated and manifests to neurotic or emotional symptoms such as lack of sleep, inability to cope, stress, crying, weight problems, depression, guilt, phobias, health problems or plain unhappiness.

EMDR, however, is a quick way of helping the brain to process the dissociated thoughts and bring your life back into balance. The technique is used all over the world very successfully, including for troops returning home with war traumas. It does not rely on hours of talking it through, nor does not involve being in a deep hypnotic trance.

The process relies on using eye movements, just as you would during sleep. Commencing with your Doctor’s approval to treat, I take a full case history and prepare you with some pleasant hypnotherapeutic ground work. When ready you are instructed to sit back, relax, and just let your brain process the information while your eyes follow hand movements. It sounds easy and strange, but believe me the results are deeply satisfying. Timing for each person is different as each has a different story to deal with.

So it you have disturbing thoughts you need to deal with, an upsetting event in the past you may have put aside, and health problems which may be related to these, then don’t worry, come and have an EMDR or EFT therapy session with me and walk away feeling heaps better.

Stock standard hypnotherapy procedures include confidence, empowerment and motivation. Should you require more for specialised uses, such as sport or learning, then ask for an 'in the zone' treatment.

This can occur in children as an inability to control the passing of faeces and occurs after they have actually been successfully toilet trained. It may be a result of constipation and a Doctors diagnosis should be taken prior to coming for hypnotherapy, just in case there is an organic problem.

More on the children's page here.

There may be something from the past, or a frustration, which makes sustaining an erection difficult. Turning your mindset around, encouraging hardness, and other techniques can make a huge difference to your sexual, and self, happiness.


Improving your exercise levels brings good feeling substances to the brain resulting in a much clearer head, better focus and good moods for living your daily life. I encourage light exercise with many of my hypnotherapy processes.

Fying phobia can be desensitised. See me a couple of months before you fly. Using EFT we can make a huge difference in just one session. For some people this is enough but for others another one or two will be recommended depending on how deep rooted your fear is. For many people they have limited not only their own holidays but those of their family for years. This can be overcome so easily and allow you to travel quite comfortably.

Financial problems

All manner of things can cause financial problems and these can include emotions, relationships and stress.

Quietly sorting out the issues and putting in place coping mechanisms brings clarity and new solutions.

See also A-Z Debt reduction and the Money Worries web page here


Stock standard hypnotherapy procedures include suggestions for clarity and focus. Should you require more for specialised uses, such as sport or learning, then ask for an 'in the zone' treatment.

Se also A-Z Concentration and In the zone and the Performance page.

This refers to a persistent inability to maintain an adequate lubrication-swelling response during sexual activity. Hypnotherapy can enable this with the positive thoughts to increase hormonal activity. Of course feeling special can make quite a difference so, men, flowers and chocolates will help!

There are many different ways of dealing with frustration. After a good chat we can sort out the best way to deal with yours, maybe with EFT.

The gastric band is an operation to reduce stomach size and thus help people wishing to consume less food. The objective is usually to reduce weight. The hypno-band is the hypnotherapy process which achieves the same results but without expensive and invasive surgery.

See also hypno-band in this A-Z section and check out the weight control page here.


With mental attitude making up 75% of a golfers output it would be worthwhile to see a hypnotherapist as part of your training routine. Top golfing teams, such as those at the Ryder Cup, have an entourage of people to help the players perform better, including an expert mind power techniques.

Read more on my golf page


Nail biting, hair pulling, pimple squeezing, teeth grinding, snoring, and other habits have a good chance of success with hypnotherapy. It accesses the unconscious mind and breaks the habit at it's source.

Read lots more about how hypnosis and EFT can help all sorts of habits on the habits page

This is a similar habit to skin picking and nail biting. It involves fiddling in some way with ones hair, either pulling, twisting, picking or rubbing it.

As with any habit hypnotherapy and EFT can make a real difference. Also see Trichotillomania and testimonials.

Are you in good health? You need to take care of your mind and body to improve your health and keep it. Come and get your energy checked. It needs to be flowing well for your immune system to work efficiently

If you are a little nervous or stressed about your wedding or honeymoon, perhaps flying or travelling or personal stuff just come for some nice feel good relaxation first. I even know of a great travel agent who can help you. Martin at Travel Momentum has years of experience and runs his business independently which means he has access to some delightful places and experiences you would not normally find.


I am a licensed Hypno-Band practitioner for both the London and Herts area.This is a method of hypnotically inserting a gastric band to reduce the size of the stomach, thus reducing food intake, which leads to weight loss.

More about weight loss here on my weight loss page


Hypnobirthing is the name given to the Mongan method of hypnosis for birth which is American. I am trained in hypnosis for childbirth and teach deep hypnotherapy techniques for use during the birth process.

See more in this A-Z area under B=birthing. Also, there is a whole page area on pregnancy and childbirth here


Hypnodontics is the use of hypnotherapy to assist relaxation during dental surgery.

It helps with needle phobias, gagging, dental smells, pain relief, anaesthesia for surgery and worries in the dentist chair. See dental procedures

More under D for Dentists in this A-Z area



Irritable bowel syndrome is estimated to affect 15% of the population. Symptoms are abdominal stress or pain, toilet urgency, bloating, back pain, nausea, belching or vomiting. The cause is often stress related.

Hypnosis or EFT treatment for IBS covers stress, anxiety, pain, and healing, confidence and control. More on the IBS page

As with mobile people, hypnotherapy can help with many issues facing those with reduced immobility including sleep, pain and anxiety issues. Also specialised sports help. Read more on these pages.

While my therapy room is wheelchair friendly I am happy to come to you for your consultations.

This is an increasingly successful area where hypnotherapy works as a preventative and retardant to cycles of ill health.All relaxation allows the immune system to work more efficiently.

In the zone

Why not try hypnotherapy for specialised instances where focus is paramount to success. I will teach you how to do it yourself so you can choose your own time and place, whether it be on the golf course, just before a match, in a lecture, or prior to events such as your driving lesson.

See some testimonials


Soothing feelings through the digestive system with the wonderful relaxing methods used can aid indigestion.

As with all conditions, if it has been noticeable for some time a doctors opinion should be sought prior to treatment.

More on the IBS page


Are you having trouble conceiving? If your doctor has diagnosed unexplained infertility then why not use hypnotherapy.

Many people have had success just by retuning their unconscious minds and relaxing. Hypnotherapy works for those going through the IVF process, too.

Read further on unexplained infertility


We require sleep for our cells to regenerate, to process the days activities and to regroup for tomorrow. Insomnia produces fogginess and memory lapses.

Hypnosis and EFT can help clear the mind clutter and allow sleeping patterns to change.

Read more on the sleep page


See more in this A-Z area here, and also the entire page dedicated to hypnosis and EFT to help children and their issues

Using hypnotherapeutic relaxation techniques few, if any, drugs are needed and the mum-to-be can be in control of her own body throughout this life fulfilling experience. I am a certificated hypnotherapist for pregnancy and childbirth. See me by the 32nd week to become proficient by the birth time.
See the Pregnancy,labour and childbirth page here

Learning difficulties are often a result of different strategies people use for the storage and retrieval of words. 

I am a Bridges to Success practitioner. This method helps all people with learning difficulties to spell, read, write and do maths better. It is a novel and quick method with many happy results. It is so worthwhile. Two or three sessions are recommended. This should be enough to make the change.  

More on the learning and study page

Learning improvements

Hypnosis can help your mind to take in things more logically, store them for good retrieval, and recall when needed. Learning and recalling becomes more automatic and more enjoyable. Your mind is so powerful, there is so much there to tap into.

See study, dissertations and exams

Many women experience a loss of libido at some point in their life, especially in their forties. Time to reclaim it using the power of your mind! Come and see me.


Hypnotherapy makes a huge difference for marathon runners. See me 2-4 weeks prior so we can work visualisation and being 'in the zone' into your routine. This process helps you get through the tough mental and physical times.

Hypnosis can help with any aches and pains you need mending in order to run. I have worked most sucessfully with marathon runners.

See the sports performance page also

See A-Z and L=learning improvements or read much more on the study page


Are you having a tough time with menopause? Hypnotherapy may help get you through this period of your life in a perfectly natural way. 

Hypnotherapy can naturally help womens issues, such as menopause symptoms. Read more on the women's health page and take a look at this US study report

Metaphors are little stories told in some hypnotherapeutic situations. Milton Erikson was the instigator of therapeutic metaphors and used them most successfully with his patients. I use them where appropriate, such as with children where we may draw parallels with a computer game the child likes. It helps to get the point across.

Migranes and headaches

Finding out the cause of your headache or migrane is important. Hypnosis techniques relax tense head muscles while EFT sorts out headache or migraine pain within minutes.  

People prefer hypnotherapy and EFT because they are not drug dependent and they learn techniques to thwart any future migraines should they occur.

The mind is a powerful tool. The extent of it's capabilities are unknown. We usually only use a small portion of it but using clinical hypnotherapy we can encourage you to use more and to achieve a really positive outcome. At some point I will teach you how to do self hypnosis yourself so the technique becomes a life tool for you.

Morning sickness

Morning sickness is not a pleasant experience, especially if it continues on past the first trimester. Hypnotherapy techniques can help to alleviate this.

I am a trained pregancy and childbirth hypnotherapist and can help with morning sickness. Give me a call.
More on the Pregnancy & Labour page

Part of every hypnotherapy session includes increasing motivation. It is a useful tool to bringing about beneficial change. More on the confidence or performance pages

Nail biting

A habit usually easily mended with hypnotherapy or EFT, or a combination of both. Read more on the habits page

Needle phobia

Needle phobias can be worked on and alleviated with either hypnotherapy and EFT so it doesnt matter how anxious you are you will be safe here. Learning EFT can help you take control of any anxious situation anywhere, should one arise.

Many people have negative thoughts running around in their heads. Some people let them take over. You need to find out how to dump them out and let them go. Hypnotherapy techniques work amazingly well, as does EFT.  Firstly, can you sleep at night?  If not then try my downloadable audio 'Powering Down' to free you up to sleep. Naturally a personal consultation will get to the bottom of this and free you up.

Whether you have nightmares as a result of a past trauma or from some other source you need to face it, process it, bring it into perspective, and get on with your life. Using techniques including counselling, hypnotherapy, regression, EMDR, EFT and others we should be able to get to the bottom of your problem, not only clearing up the nightmares but improving your general well being.

A habit usually easily mended with hypnotherapy. Read more on the habit page.

Circulation problems causing symptoms such as cold hands and feet, chilblains etc can helped with techniques to improve circulation and blood flow.


No matter your age it is uncomfortable being overweight and obese. Why put up with it? Something can be done.

See more on weight control and read about how hypnosis and EFT can help you to control your weight

This anxiety disorder is characterised by: recurrent and persistent thoughts that are perceived as intrusive and senseless, and by repetitive ritualised behaviour which the person feels compelled to carry out. Normal attempts to stop it make the person more anxious. Compulsive behaviours may be washing, checking, repeating, ordering, counting, arranging, hoarding and touching. Hypnosis and EFT can help OCDs in a very personalised and effective way

Obsessive thoughts and actions can occur in all age groups, not necessarily as pronounced as a compulsive disorder, described above. Hypnosis and EFT help by moving anxiety out and teaching how to be calm, organised and confident.

Older peoples health

As we get older our health may need more attention. Should you have a prolonged illness, be hospitalised, have pain, or suffer bereavement, hypnosis and EFT methods are soothing and helpful.

If you want to improve, start a new course, or travel, and lack some confidence hypnosis can help. I have assisted people put in fiddly hearing aids or contact lenses.

These audios can help with sleep, too.


Are you going in for an operation? Improve your chances of success and recovery with hypnosis. Two sessions prior to surgery will relax and prepare you, two after assist healing.

There have been numerous comparative studies for surgery with and without hypnosis, the results have shown quicker recovery times with hypnosis

Listen to these relaxing healing recordings also. 

Pain is a warning system that protects us from damage, further damage, or warns us that something is wrong with our body. There is acute pain, which is severe but lasts a relatively short period, or chronic pain, which can range from mild to severe, lasting for a long time. As with all hypnotherapeutic methods no drugs are used but methods can be very effective. EFT is a great pain reliever reducing the negative energy in the body. Naturally a doctor's approval to treat is required first.

See here how EFT and hypnotherapy can help.  Ease, please is a lovely audio in my healing series to help with pain relief.

Symptoms include shortness of breath, choking sensations, palpitations, nausea, sweating, chest pain, accelerated heart rate, flushes or chills, trembling or shaking and a fear that something is happening which you cannot control. Attacks can be caused by medical or recreational drugs, alcohol, intense stress, bereavement, relationship or work issues.

After a thorough case history a specialised treatment plan is developed which will immediately include teaching you breathing and relaxing techniques to take away with you to relieve any subsequent attacks. With the treatment these will soon dissipate. EFT helps these nicely.

We are a bit like a jigsaw puzzle, with differing parts/pieces to make up the finished picture. Sometimes a part can become dislodged and needs putting back. It could be a fun part, or a child part, it maybe a stuck part or a part that sabotages your efforts to succeed. They are too numerous to mention. So, if you hear yourself thinking'a part of me just wants to...' it is most likely parts therapy will really help you get control and pop that part back where it belongs. When your picture is whole every part is working in harmony to achieve what you want, and you feel complete.

Past life regression

Past life regression (PLR) can be useful to enhance the present life in two ways. Firstly, PLR is particularly useful to find the core reasons for deep rooted fears, phobias, depression and lack of self worth. Secondly, PLR is for people who have had deja vu experiences and wish to gain an understanding of these. Thirdly hypnosis and past life regression helps people explore what happens after death.

More detailed information is on the past life regression page.

Typically seen in activities such as acting, public speaking, sporting performance, golf competitions , driving tests, examination time and sexual performance, this anxiety can be taken in hand and dealt with using clinical hypnotherapy techniques. Relaxing the body and desensitising the fear soon brings about control and with control comes confidence and enjoyment.

Dont put up with it, deal with it now, and there's more on the confidence page, too.

This is when you have a fear that becomes abnormal, out of proportion and cannot be explained away. You cannot control the anxiety involved and you end up avoiding the situation so you don't have to deal with it. Phobias such as agoraphobia, claustrophobia, social phobia, animal phobias, fear of heights, flying and thunder all fall under this heading.

Never fear hypnotherapy and EFT can help phobias immensely. Come and deal with it so you can get on with your life.


Had you thought of hypnotherapy to help with PMT, to get you through these monthly emotional times? Why not? No drugs, no side effects, perfectly natural ways to be better. Read more in the women's health page

I am continually amazed at the lovely results clients have just from me feeding them their minds the right positive suggestions to improve their lives. Come and make use of all this untapped mind power you have. Be enlightened, be motivated and get focused. Achieve more than you thought you could.


Many studies have shown hypnosis to be effective in the management of pain during childbirth as well as improving the birth experience in general. Relaxation and pain control techniques are taught during pregnancy. Hypnotherapy is helpful for nausea in the first few months and general well being throughout the 9 month duration.

More here on the pregnancy and birth page.

Hypnotherapy offers the mind methods of prolonging ejaculation so couples can enjoy foreplay and satisfying sexual experiences. All hypnotherapy sessions working with positive thoughts to the unconscious mind, safely, completely ethically and confidentially.

The cause is not known but it is known that genetic factors do play a part as can environmental conditions, illness and stress. In normal skin the time from when the cell develops to when it is shed is about 28 days. Psoriatic cells complete the process in 3 to 4 days. This results in an enormous build up of these cells resulting in the symptoms of psoriasis. Studies have shown that about a third of patients have a spontaneous remission of their condition.

Post traumatic stress disorder. This tends to be the result of experiencing a natural, or manmade, disaster, or prolonged periods of psychological stress, or learning of the sudden death of a friend or relative.

Using hypnosis and EFT for PTSD we build up your strength first, then very, very safely help your mind to unravel the knot inside. You can then move on in your happier life with confidence. Read more under EMDR, and EFT - see also Trauma

Developed from TFT, thought field therapy (Roger Callaghan) and Applied kinesiology, (John Diamond) PEP is the work of Dr Phil Mollon. He has written books on energy therapy, lectures, teaches and practices psychoanalytic energy psychotherapy. I have trained with him and am using these methods to assist change. It is enlightening work for both myself and the client.

Public speaking

See more on hypnosis for performance anxiety on the confidence page

Rape is defined as an offence when consent is not given for the sexual act. There must befreedon and capacity to make that choice. It is act of violence that can leave the victim feeling degraded, full of shame and often blaming themselves when of course it was beyondtheir control. It can be treated as a trauma with any side effects picked up during this treatment.


Regression techniques can be used to source and identify the root of a present issue. This pleasant hypnotic technique takes you back to a time in your life where you can become aware of the cause, and put it to rest. This can be a profoundly rewarding, and healing, experience which may happen immediately or over time as instances and thoughts process through your mind.

Past, present or future regression here.


All hypnotherapy techniques involve being in a relaxed state. You soon learn how to relax like you've never relaxed before, and it feels so good!

Like fear of flying seasickness becomes a very real fear. For those whose livelihood is on the sea it is an even worse worry. There are numerous drugs on the market, ginger is said to help, and there are wrist pressure point bands. However, in order to deal with seasickness properly, so you do not have to worry about it ever recurring, come for hypnotherapy and/or EFT to make the difference.

Part of all hypnotherapy sessions includes ways to improve your self esteem. These filter into your unconscious and start to form nice new thoughts for you. Read more on the confidence page.

See notes in this A-Z area on erectile dysfunction, anorgasma, vaginismus, frigidity

Come for some confidence building. will help motivate you to your ideal level. Read more on the confidence page.

Skin disorders

See related notes in this A-Z area on A=acne, E=eczema, P=psoriasis, W=warts

Note also that skin disorders are often triggered by stress and worry so relaxing with a nice audio can help. However, a personal hypnosis consultation may make a difference.

Sleep and dreams

Dreams and brain activity are interlinked. It is thought that your brain processes the days information during your sleep and the stimulation develops and preserves the brains neural pathways.

Hypnotherapy can not only help with sleeping but all related sleep issues such as nightmares, sleep walking and lucid dreaming, teeth grinding and snoring.

See more on the sleep page

Smoking - stopping smoking

Research comparing many different studies of hypnotherapy has shown that on average smokers are over five times more likely to break the smoking habit with hypnosis than by willpower alone. Hypnotherapy is also proven to be more than twice as effective compared with nicotine gum. If you want to stop smoking, then two sessions of hypnotherapy could be all you need.

Read more about stopping smoking here

People who snore are often overweight, smokers, or drinkers. Mostly they don't know that they snore but their partners certainly do. There are ways of stopping snoring and hypnotherapy has a tool box of techniques to call upon.

Listen to my stop snoring recording and if you require help with weight control, stopping smoking and cutting back on alcohol you may find that a nice by product of your treatment is that you stop snoring.

Solution focused therapy is a method of questioning and clarifying what it is the patient wants to achieve. The whole idea being to find out 'How would you like to be?' building a picture of exactly how he/she wishes to be without their ailment. Then we look at this picture and say, 'How can you change a few things you are doing now to start moving towards this goal?' With the right questioning the client can look inside and find the solutions.

This solution focused therapy dwells on the positive. With hypnotherapy I assist the client to plot the steps along the way, recognise them as they occur, and achieve the ultimate goal. Confidence and motivation play a big part, as do self organisation and assertiveness.

Sports performance

Whether it be cycling, archery, football, cricket, show jumping, shooting, or any sport hypnosis can improve your game, refine techniques, give you the edge, spark up your mental attitude and physical preparation. It can all be covered off with some good positive consultations. If you get the yips or dartitis we can fix that also.

Read more here on performance, and golf.

It is estimated that one person in every hundred stammers. It is not known what causes it and there is usually nothing wrong with the vocal chords, breathing or tongue. It usually starts in childhood.

Hypnosis techniques teach relaxation and how to relax yourself so you can control the stress it causes. I help you to improve self confidence, taking the pressure off. Even the way you hold your head and eyes can make a difference.


I suggest you go to my separate page on stress to see how hypnotherapy can help with stress due to school, work and home pressures. You feel so good afterwards and you are taught coping mechanisms to make sure you can deal with any further stressful instances if they ever occur.

Read lots more on hypnotherapy and EFT for stress here on the stress page

My mum suffered a stroke and I wish I had these techniques then for it would have made a world of difference to her. Coping strategies, relaxation, confidence, motivation, healing, pain relief and others all come into play in assisting sufferers to improve their condition. Call me and if you are house bound let me come to you to help.

Study habits

Read all on hypnosis for learning, studying, dissertations, assignments, and exams on this hypnosis for study page here


Things affecting teenagers like acne, habits, bullying, OCD, hormonal changes, emotional flare ups, and anxiety about school, peer or family issues are able to be helped with both hypnosis and EFT.

A consultation with an objective person is often a relief to the whole family. Check this website out further.

Teeth grinding - Bruxism

Teeth grinding (Bruxism), and jaw clenching, are often the result of stored up stress. The jaw muscles get tense and contract so the teeth come together and can grind and wear away.

Dentists may prescribe a night mouth guard but it is wise to release any tension first. Visit an EFT practitioner or hypnotherapist, to fix your bruxism, save money and avoid wearing a mouth guard every night.

Listen to 'Unwinding, teeth grinding' here in the sleep hypnotherapy recordings area.

Clinical hypnotherapy is a lovely relaxing way to deal with the prognosis of dying or death. We all have to die someday but doing it in a calm, relaxed and dignified, way makes the experience more comfortable and fulfilling.

As well as helping with pain, and relaxation, hypnotherapy can clarify all those things you want to say and to do, in the time available. It is very beneficial and a recording or consultation makes a lovely present should the family wonder what to give at a time like this.

I suggest the soothing relaxing hypnotic audios (MP3 or CD) in the sleep series and in the healing and pain relief series. Ones such as 'Soaking and soothing', 'Magic light 'and 'Ease, please' are wonderful for listening to. They give a sense of peace and centeredness. 'Treasure box' is a nice one for finding courage and confidence and 'Yes, I can' allows a person to see calmly into the future. All have their place in the dying process.Here is the recordings page, listen to the samples and choose.

If you wonder what happens after death then there is some interesting info on my past life regression page and surf the net on topics such as life after death and life between lives.

See dystonia

Time line therapy uses some interesting and rapid techniques to allow you to gain positive control over your life. It works with the way our unique concept of time - the past the presentand the future. Each person has their own perception of this and how we store our experiences. The encoding that takes place in our unconscious mind can be tapped into. Memories can actually be altered in a positive way to help make positive changes in the present. This is a technique Iam trained in.


Tinnitus is a condition where there are constant noises, or ringing, in one, or both ears. They may be in different tones, intensities or frequencies.

While tinnitus is particularly common in those who have been subjected to loud noise over a period of time, it can also be caused by stress, age, drugs and disease. more here


A good sleep is imperative to be able to function throughout the day.

See more information under sleep and insomnia, also read more on the sleep page and check out the MP3 and CD sleep recordings here.

Trauma can be classified under two headings: acute stress and post traumatic stress disorder (PSTD).

Acute stress manifests itself as depression and /or anxiety with other symptoms including numbness, insomnia, lack of concentration, anger, restlessness, sweating or dazed feelings.
I look at the whole picture and, when I have built your strength up I attend to the root of the trauma using lovely safe techniques such as EFT or EMDR which help the brain to process and reintegrate the memory. - see also PSTD and EMDR

Hypnosis is very effective for trichotillomania. See more under hair pulling, the habits page, and habit testimonials

Start to become confident with just one hypnotherapy session. Increasing your confidence and self esteem is an important part of therapy. Read more on the confidence page. - see confidence

Unwinding, ungrinding

This is the name given to the downloadable MP3 and CD I have recorded to help people stop teeth grinding, or Bruxism.

Look here and find it. Listen at least 3 times a week for three weeks.

People have been delighted with the results, such as a more relaxed face plus the disappearance of head and jaw aches, not to mention no more teeth grinding. This presents a much better way of treating Bruxism - no more mouth guards.!! 

This term refers to a spasm of the vaginal muscles resulting in pain when penetration is attempted. This can be a result of mental or physical trauma and can involve fear and guilt.

Please do seek hypnotherapy to sort out the root cause and make your life much more pleasant.The website has been helpful to past clients. It offers support from others with this and a good workbook. I work my hypnotherapy in with this book to make the difference.

Even warts can be healed with the power of your mind. Depending on your thoughts warts can be there one day and when you remember to look again they can be gone.

Weight loss - weight control

Weight reduction using hypnotherapy and EFT works extremely well.

Read more on the weight control page. There's my do-it-yourself hypnosis weight loss audios or my fully supportive Bolt-To-Success 3 month weight loss program

Yips is an involuntary wrong movement, or no movement at all, when playing any sport or creative pursuit. It completely 'stuffs up' the whole process!

Those with the yips (sometimes called Dartitis) get increasingly frustrated with themselves. This emotion soon becomes a repeating conditioned response. Luckily it can be broken with hypnosis and relaxation. I have helped many get back their natural rhythm.

See sports performance and golf

If you've done the yo yo dieting for years then you will be feeling losing weight is a continual battle.

This is not the case at all with hypnotherapy. While a healthy eating and exercise plan is important emotional hangups need to be addressed to. Once these are worked out easily Yo yo dieting and mind battles become a thing of the past. 

Read about my Bolt-To-Success 3 month program and my On-track hypnosis for weight loss audios.

Zone - In the zone

Why not try hypnotherapy for specialised instances where focus is paramount to success?

I teach you how to do it yourself so you can choose your own time and place, whether it be on the golf course, just before a race, or an exam - anywhere you need to tune in, focus and achieve.

Click to testimonialsgolf and performance.

Marilyn Tuck

Marilyn Tuck

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