Personal Recordings

Personal Recordings

special hypnosis for you

Why not have an mp3 or CD hypnotic audio recording done especially for you: dealing with your issues, and with your name included … really personalized.

Hypnosis for you

Would you like one of these recordings personalised? or a special one for you?

Just complete the details in the select box and it will be done especially for you. MP3's will be emailed, CDs will be posted. Ensure you leave your email address and phone number so I can make contact if needed.

Personal consultation

The ultimate is a personalised consultation. You can come and see me, or we can have one on phone or skype.

If appropriate I will do a recording for you during that time. Just ask me.

Hypnotherapy audios recorded during a consultation are slightly different from those you buy on site here. They may pick up little sounds in the room and some light traffic noise outside. They will be longer, and they won't have music.

However, they are intimately yours, every word is directed to you and what you have explained to me that you want to change will be addressed. You will be able to listen at home and feel you are in my therapy room. 

For skype and phone calls we will talk for 20 minutes and then finish the call. I use the rest of the hour to make a hypnosis recording based on what you have told me and what you want to achieve. This will be in mp3 or cd format.

Marilyn Tuck

Marilyn Tuck

As a competent hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner my skills include listening, understanding, motivation and life coaching to help people just like you to feel better.

Clinical Hypnotherapist EFT Practitioner

Practice locations:
Knebworth, Herts, Moorgate, London

Phone: 07962 811907 E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Website:


  • The headache I had had for a week went in a 30 minute EFT session over the phone. We tapped, we laughed, and it went.
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