Everyone finds hypnotherapy helps them sleep better.

Sleep mp3 used effectively for flying

Just want to say hi. My husband says thanks for the sleep-easy recording - he used it on a recent long-haul flight and it worked!

Ruth, October 2012

I am now sleeping better than I have in ages

Dear Marilyn,

I always had thoughts in my head at night and took ages to go off to sleep, then woke way too early.

After that first hypnotherapy session when you taught me how to get to sleep myself I slept deeply through until the alarm woke me up. Since then I have used the technique to get to sleep and feel more refreshed when I awake. This alone made it worthwhile coming. 

Sharon, October 2012

Andy likes the Wave of Relaxation CD

Marilyn has brought another dimension to relaxation. My dog and I have recently had surgery. Her CDs are helping us both enormously.

Andy S, September 2012

6 months on, both hypnotherapy and EFT have helped this lady

Just to let you know that since we last met I have enjoyed big improvements to my sleep pattern and quality of sleep. I use the techniques you taught me - especially tapping to relax and energise, especially when tired at work and I need to concentrate and be on my best posible form.

Madelaine, September 2011

A nice tweet for me

@marilyntuck cured a local business person of insomnia which had plagued them for decades in just a single session. Why not try her audios?

Terence Harding, September 2011

Do you only sleep a few hours too?

About a year ago I came for a session to see if you could cure my insomnia.

I have had a sleeping problem since I was a kid and had tried all sorts of things to cure it without long lasting effect. Over the last 20 years I have got used to getting an average of 3-4 hours sleep per night and sometimes none at all.

I left writing to you this long because you have appeared to have cured it with one session and I wanted to make sure it was not just a flash in the pan and that the technique you taught me would continue to work. It does work and a year later I am still sleeping better than I have ever done.

R Gilbert, May 2011

Everyone learns to sleep better, and even stop snoring!

My wife tells me that the snoring volume is not quite as deafening as before and I am sure using the technique you taught me to improve matters further. You have a wonderful ability to make people feel relaxed and at ease and after a session one comes around refreshed and invigorated.

Richard, September 2010

Come and learn how to get yourself off to sleep

Thank you for a lovely session! I slept like a log when I tried it that evening!

Chloe, July 2010

Hypnotherapy and EFT helped June

You helped me sleep better than I have done with my shoulder injury and improved my mobility.

June, May 2009

Better sleeping is a crucial part of feeling better

Many thanks for yesterday - I found the session very beneficial and used the technique at 4am this morning when I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. It worked! My husband says thanks for a good night.

Margaret, May 2008
Marilyn Tuck

Marilyn Tuck

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